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Autumn: time to revive the interior!

October 11, 2017

Very good for the autumn season is eclecticism. It is a combination of several different styles: classic and modern, high tech and baroque ... Eclectic can really make you feel like a designer, but be careful and do not overdo it!
To create a truly eclectic, but not tasteless, interior you need to know how to properly put the accents. Choose one or two bright things to stand out and attract your eyes. Everything else should be the background to support and accompany the selected one or two basic items. To make it easy for you to choose an accent, we suggest you choose from the following six options:

1. Bright covers
Covering or simply a large scarf can drastically change the appearance of the couch. In addition, replace the pillow covers. You can do them yourself from other scarves and towels that you can decorate with buttons, for example.
2. Chandelier
Its choice depends on the style of the interior you have stopped: if you chose a classic interior, it is better to take "minimalist" lamps, but if your furnishings are minimalist, then the chandelier must be rich and magnificent.
3. Woven under glass
An interesting way to revive the interior of your home is to hang on the walls paintings of colorful fabrics, scarves or rugs that are under glass and framed. Such a "work of art" is suitable for the bedroom, the bathroom and the corridor.

4. Framed photos
Instead of the old pictures given by your friends, hang wallpapers in a frame of passepartout. But not pictures of your child or other relatives, but of the beautiful landscapes you have taken during your holiday in nature or on the sea. You can print them in black and white - these photos always have a unique style. The size depends on the space you have, but keep in mind that big photos look more interesting.
5. Small lamps
Autumn is the time when you begin to feel overwhelmed because of the little daylight. If you scatter many small lights in your home, they will not only enrich your interior, but will also make it more cozy, warm and deep. And when the days are particularly gray and gloomy, you can turn them on even during the day.

6. Autumn scents

Cool autumn days intensify the desire to spend more time at home warm. The feeling of coziness and tranquility also depends greatly on the fragrance of the home. How to flavor your home and what flavors to bet? Be careful how you combine the different scents - there are ones that do not suit and interfere. Suitable combinations include: orange and cinnamon, mint and pine, lavender and sandalwood, coconut and citrus, vanilla and spices. Gentle aromas like jasmine, rose, chamomile, lavender, ylang-ylang also fit perfectly.

Before start all of this you have to clean your home. In order not to complicate your life, it is better to bet on a professional cleaning company. Different agencies offer different services such as pre tenancy cleaning, oven cleaning,  upholstery cleaning, etc.


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