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Change the sponge in the kitchen every week!

October 10, 2017

Kitchen sponge can be the perfect place to grow bacteria, alert scientists.

Kitchen sponge can be the perfect place to grow bacteria, researchers warn NDTV. As much as we try to keep our kitchen clean, we always remain more risky in hygienic aspects and most often it is the sponge.

According to a study conducted by German researchers, they bind us with microorganisms such as Moraxella osloensis and Gammaproteobacteria, which include a number of human pathogens, including those that cause typhoid, cholera and food poisoning.

"Despite the common misconception, it has been proven that there are more microbes in the kitchen than in the toilets," the researchers wrote.
"This is mainly due to the contribution of kitchen sponge that have proven to be the largest reservoirs of active bacteria in the whole house."
Even if you have put an extra effort to clean the kitchen sponge, these methods may not be enough to destroy the pathogens, warn experts in the journal Scientific Reports.
In fact, regularly cleaned sponge are not even cleaner than those that are never cleaned.

Researchers say that "the kitchen sponge not only act as a reservoir for microorganisms but also as their distributors, which can lead to cross-contamination of hands and food - the root cause of food-related diseases."
Experts are aware that we can not give up on the kitchen sponge.

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